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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Third Time in Hong Kong: Last Day

On our last day in Hong Kong, we went by with our morning routines as unhurried as possible. We didn't have a specific itinerary for the day. We were no longer planning to visit any tourist spot or go sightseeing. We just wanted to go... drumroll please... SHOPPING!

Now, before you think that I'm a shopaholic or a spoiled mall rat, let me tell you that I'm not. Hong Kong is also known as a great shopping destination, so I was pretty sure I was going to score some good buys from our trip. Our first shopping stop for the day was IKEA in Causeway Bay.

This way to IKEA. 

IKEA was heaven. I bought a pack of hangers, cutlery, rubber coverings for cabinets, paper napkin holder, among others. Had there been more space in my luggage, I would've bought more. Maybe I would just reserve that for my next trip. *wink wink*

Next, we stopped by Forever 21 in Causeway Bay, and I bought a skirt and some bracelets. Then, for our last stop, we went back to Olympian mall where I bought Avene beauty products at Sasa and a pair of shorts at H&M. After that, we went back to the hotel. We had already checked out that morning before going shopping, so I had no choice but to shamelessly fix my suitcase IN THE HOTEL LOBBY. Well, we did pick a spot that's quite concealed, but still, a couple of guests checking in couldn't resist taking a peek at the goods I was putting inside my suitcase. I didn't really mind. All I was thinking at that time was to fix everything as fast as I could so we could already go to the airport and settle down while waiting for our flight. 

Overall, my third time in Hong Kong is awesome, if not better than my previous visits. However, I still feel I haven't explored much of it. I'll definitely go back; I'm just not sure when. But when I do, I'll most likely explore the less tourist-y areas, take pictures again, and capture as much memories as I can. 

Yeah! I had so much fun in Hong Kong! 

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