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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Third Time in Hong Kong: Off to Macau

On our third day in Hong Kong, my dearest and I went to Macau, which is a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. His sister works at The Venetian, and we would meet her there for lunch. I was excited to see Macau because this was my first time to visit the former Portuguese colony, and seeing it with my dearest by my side made it extra special.

I was worried that I would get sea-sick during the ferry ride, so I took an anti-nausea tablet an hour before boarding. Thankfully, I didn't get dizzy or whatever during the ride, as I just slept through half of it. At around 11:30 a.m., we arrived at the port of Macau, where the different signs are written in Portuguese, English, and Chinese. After having our documents checked by the Macau immigration officials, my dearest and I boarded the bus going The Venetian.

We were to meet my dearest's sister, Ate Roanne, at Portofino, an Italian restaurant.

So excited to eat pasta! Yum yum yum! :D

Because my dearest's sister was still at work, we decided to walk around The Venetian. My dearest had already been there a couple of times before, so I though he already knew the way. I was wrong. Haha! Well, the place is huge and it was really hard to memorize all the exits and hallways and what leads to where. But we still enjoyed walking around, checking out the different shops, and of course, taking pictures.

The Venetian's beautiful ceiling

One of the shops

A feel of Venice in Asia

Of course, I must  have a solo photo standing...

...and sitting, too. 

We went back to Portofino at 12:30 p.m.. Ate Roanne was waiting for us by the entrance of the restaurant. It was so great to see her.

Selfie/groupie while waiting for our food
(Photo courtesy of Ate Roanna)

We ate different types of bread, and then salad, and four different types of pasta. I forgot what exactly did we eat. All I remember is they were DELICIOUS! Yum! I love pasta! That was an awesome lunch. Sorry I didn't get to take a photo of the food. When they were served, we ate them right away. 

The Venetian's pool area. Can you see the construction site over there? 
That's the ongoing construction of The Parisian. Whoa! Seems like I'm going to have a taste of Paris without going to Paris, after all. But it would be lovely if I would be able to go 
to the City of Love someday.

After lunch, my dearest and I saw the Ice World Exhibition (thank you so much, Ate Roanne, for the VIP passes). It was sooooooooooo cold inside! The temperature was -8 degrees Celsius. I was freezing even if we were given thermal jackets. But still, we still enjoyed seeing the different ice sculptures. 

I even slid down the ice! 

I should have sung, "Let it go! Let it go!" Hahaha!

Then, my dearest and I went to San Malo. Sightseeing, here, sightseeing there. Pictures here, pictures there. 

The famous St. Paul Ruins in San Malo

Quaint buildings and cobblestone streets in San Malo

The fountain in San Malo

More shops

And tourists

Walking in the rain

My dearest and I in San Malo

Macau Public Park

My dearest trying the gym equipment at the Macau Public Park

Of course, I should try it, too!

When it was already dark, we went back to The Venetian, ate dinner with Ate Roanne, and walked around the hotel some more. 

I love all our pics together.

Ate Roanne taking a photo of us. 

My dearest and I got back to Hong Kong at already past midnight. The trains were already closed, so we just took a cab from the ferry terminal to our hotel at Tai Kok Tsui Road. When we got back, that's when I felt how tired I was. But it was soooo worth it. I would definitely go back to Macau with my dearest, especially when The Parisian is already built. But for now, I'll daydream and plan for when we're going to travel again together.  

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