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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Palawan Weekend Part 5: Time to Go Home

May 30, 2011 - we were scheduled to fly back to Manila. Back to work. Back to the reality of our everyday lives. No tour or anything was scheduled on that day, except for our flight back home in the afternoon.

We had a relaxed morning. With really nothing to do except to prepare our things for the afternoon flight, we woke up feeling no rush nor pressure to do something on time. Laurice left in the morning though, and flew back home because she had classes in law school.

Our friends left to buy breakfast, and Ate Peps and I were left in the house. She wasn't on leave that day, and because she was a newspaper reporter, she had stories to file. When I woke up, she was already working on her stories, surfing the net through her laptop. When I was taking a bath, I could hear her talking to someone on her cellphone. She was interviewing someone. The story? A hostage-taking. The owner of the house heard her and was worried. "Did something happen?" she asked me. I explained that Ate Peps is a reporter and it's for her story. Well, I understood perfectly well why the owner was worried, because what she heard Ate Peps was asking about was someone being stabbed, someone being rushed to the hospital, what hospital, and other gruesome details. So.... good morning! And yes, the sun was shining. On the day when we were no longer scheduled to go to the beach. Oh well.

While I was taking a bath, one of our friends called Ate Peps and said that we should just come to Manniken Pis (just across Lolo Nonoy's) because they decided to just eat there. So after Ate Peps's phone interview, we walked to the Manniken Pis, a Belgian-run restaurant (based on the posters on the wall) serving Western food.

The food was yummy and came in generous servings. It was already close to 10 a.m. when we ate, so that was our brunch. We were full. I was full. I wasn't hungry until like 3 p.m., when the plane landed in Manila. What did I order? My favorite breakfast: fried rice+corned beef+fried egg.


Our ride to the airport picked us up at 12.30 p.m. I was not yet done brushing my teeth! Haha! Some were still fixing their things, so those who were ready got into the van first. On the way to the airport, we were (again) noisy inside the van. Hahahaha! We're really like that. Noisy. Loud. Well, we do love to have fun, and that's part of our having fun. :) And on the way to the airport, we were already making plans for our next summer trip. :D

When we got to the airport and the driver opened the door of the van, no one wanted to get out. Haha! It was like a "you first, no, you first" moment. :)) We didn't want our vacation to end, but it had to. Because that's life. Haha.

Before we boarded the plane, of course, we took a photo of ourselves. We wouldn't let that moment pass without taking a photo.

Photo by J.M. Tuazon

So that wrapped up our Coron trip. It was our first time to go on vacation together. To say that we all had fun is an understatement. The trip was indeed memorable, and if we could, we'd certainly travel back in time to relive it. Haha.

Where will our next vacation take us? Well, there are lots of tourist destinations here, so I don't think choosing a place would be a problem. All we have to do is decide, save up again, and hop in a plane. With so much zest for life, we can go anywhere.


  1. its really hard when you have to leave places, beautiful places, just to go BACK to WORK.. its like going back to a war zone.. hey, summer is too far ahead, prepare for something before the year ends.. hehe :D