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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Palawan Weekend Part 2: A Cloudy Arrival

The flight wasn't exactly smooth. There was air turbulence, and the plane would go down probably several feet, then up, then down again. I couldn't tell if I was dizzy or about to throw up, so I kept my eyes closed and held a plastic bag just in case I throw up. Luckily, I didn't. The scary thought of the plane crashing crossed my mind. What if the plane went down a few feet, and then all the way down? But I had faith that it wouldn't happen. And besides, I was in the plane with eight of my equally perky, crazy friends. A plane crash didn't fit in the picture. Hehe.

At last, we saw the sword-like island of Palawan. We were about to land in a few minutes. Woohoo! I felt the plane leaning forward, angling for a landing. Then, a loud baaaag! No. The plane didn't crash. The pilot just violently landed the plane. The loud, frightening sound came from the wheels hitting the tarmac. Despite the violent landing, I didn't feel dizzy and I didn't throw up. But the baby seated across us did. Poor child. We felt sorry for him. His parents wiped the gunk from his clothes, and a flight attendant gave them more tissue paper.

Photobucket We alighted the plane and set foot in Coron. Woohoo! The moment we saved up and filed leaves for. Haha! We headed to the sheltered area and watched as the airport guys carried all checked in baggage to where the passengers should get them. Carried as in carried by hand, then dropped on the floor for the passengers to get what's theirs. Our friend Jen's suitcase was soooooo easy to identify, for it was the perkiest: pink and brown POLKA DOTS! We could spot it from afar!

When we exited, we found a man holding a sign with our friend Micah's name on it.The van she booked to take us to the rented home. After taking a few photos here and there, we hopped in. We were all in high spirits. We were bursting with energy. As the van moved to take us to the rented house, we saw lots of trees, grasslands, cows, and sadly, denuded forests. What would you feel if you see "bald" mountains? I hope the forests will be renewed. We can't let this happen.

Inside the van, we exchanged stories, laughed at funny lines, and basically had a good time, even as it drizzled outside and dark clouds loomed, threatening to ruin our vacation.


  1. i absolutely hate turbulence! it is super scary. i always keep thoughts of the plane crashing far away from my mind as possible, it definitely doesn't help, especially in bad weather.
    aww, poor baby! i hate it when kids cry on the plane, haha. the sound of crying makes me very uncomfortable and fidgety and i just cannot bear it.
    that suitcase sounds SO CUTE! i've only ever owned black coloured ones. and everyone looks so happy in the picture (yes, i enlarged it :P).
    what does 'denuded' mean? :O
    i adore bus/van rides with loads of people, it's always so much fun! ♥

    yayyyy can't wait for part threeee :D

  2. nice! palawan.. been planning to go back.. if it would not be too much to ask, can you include a link in you blog for the "No to Mining in Palawan" campaign? Thank you..

    Also followed your blog, it would be nice to exchange links with you.

  3. @Furree Katt: Sorry for my late reply. Been busy. Anyway, to answer your question, "denuded" means to be stripped of covering. A denuded forest is a forest that no longer has trees. :(

    Wow you enlarged the photo! :D I wasn't there because I was the one who took it. Hehe. They're my friends from college.

    Thank you so much for supporting my blog. Will be posting part three in a while :)

  4. @pmm012: Hi! Nice seeing you here. Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    Sure I'll add the link. It's an advocacy we must all take part in.

    Checked your profile and you have several blogs. Wow. Hehe. Followed Dolphin's Cry :)