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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Man

You don’t fly high with a cape,
But you let me soar
In the firmament of our dreams.

You don’t have propellers for feet,
But you’re quick to come
When troubles beset me.

You don’t have a wizard’s wand,
But the work of your hands
Is more than magic.

You’re just a man, flawed, imperfect
But the man you are
Is more than any superhero.

-Katherine Lopez
27 February 2011


  1. Katherine, you are a lucky girl.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I just noticed your very nice


  2. Lucky Super Man for having you - a wonder woman who accepts his imperfections and all! :)

  3. nicely written Katherine...

  4. he is the luckiest superman in the universe haha! here's my potluck..

  5. @Pamela: Thanks! I always thank God for giving him to me. :)

    @Kim Nelson: That's true. Thanks for dropping by and for your wonderful comment. :)

    @bendedspoon: We both accept each other's imperfections, and I'm so thankful for that. Thanks for visiting and for the sweet comment :)

    @Sam: Thank you so much. I'm glad you found this nice. :)

    @fiveloaf: Haha he is! :D Thank you for dropping by and for commenting. :)

  6. Now THIS is wonderful. Seeing the superhero in your everyday hero. What a nice tribute!!

  7. love it,

    they come to your rescue when you need them.


  8. Kathy, this is such a nice one! How sweet of you to have dedicated this lovely bunch of power packed words :)

    Wishing you a nice week ahead
    Love xox

  9. @azfree: Thank you. He's my inspiration. :)

    @Jingle: And he's also there even when I have no problems or whatsoever. He's always there for me. Thank you for your comment :D

    @Olivia: Just like my Valentine's Series, this one is for him, too. Thank you for dropping by and for your sweet comment. :)

  10. Aww...this is such a lovely tribute to that special man, Katherine...
    Just plain awesome!!!

    I too tell my hubby the same thing... but he never believes me...whheeww!!

  11. Awww, I feel the same way about my man! What a great tribute! :)

  12. @Kavita: Haha. Maybe he believes you but he just doesn't want to admit it :) Thanks for your wonderful comment.

    he Reason You Come: Cheers to our superheros, the great men in our lives! Thanks for your comment :D

  13. lovely homage to your man... I was quite touched actually. This theme could be written as such a cheesy poem... you've done the opposite


    Luke @ WordSalad

  14. @Luke: Wow thank you so much :)

  15. Wow.. sweet! KUng ganyan na, he really is a keeper. I hope I could meet someone like that.. ♥ wish me luck. hehe..

  16. Hi Leah! Hehe thanks for the comment. :) Basta wait lang, the right time and the right guy will come :) andyan lang yan sa tabi-tabi ;)