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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Poems

So there, after a long while, I've posted poems again. I added the "Poems in Filipino" category because I am a Filipino, I'm proud to be one, and I also write poems in my own language. Sometimes, I get caught up with writing in English that I forget how beautiful my own language is.

I'm sorry I cannot translate to English my poems written in Filipino. I'm not a good translator, and there's a big chance that the meaning of the poem will be lost once I translate it to another language. Google Translate is useless in this case, too. I ended up laughing when I tried translating my poems using that tool.

So there. To my non-Filipino readers, I hope you continue to enjoy and appreciate my poems in English, no matter how irregular or infrequent my posts are. And to my readers, whether Filipino or not, thank you for reading and enjoying my works. Just keep coming back, okay? :)

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