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Monday, January 11, 2010

Me and Cooking

I just finished watching Julie & Julia. I enjoyed it, and those sumptuous dishes they cooked in the film made me want to eat them.

Which brings me to the fact that I want to learn how to cook. I've been wanting to do it, but my fear of the flame and hot surfaces and hot cooking oil jumping from the pan to my fingers has been stopping me. Whenever I help my mom in the kitchen, I just slice the vegetables and meat needed, and my mom does the cooking. I've sauteed onions, garlic, and tomatoes for various dished my mom cooks, but I've never really cooked a dish in a sense that I cook one entirely by myself.

That's one of the things I hope to accomplish this 2010: to learn how to cook. And when I do, the first dish I'm going to cook is my favorite menudo.


  1. HELLO:

    what a practical reflection.
    learning how to cook will bring joy and satisfaction to many, you can share your new cooking in your blog, also write poems about items you have learned to cook...

    oodles of noodles,
    goggle the giggles,
    I look forward to it, :).

  2. congratulations, I have nominated YOU for a blog award, please visit this link to accept it.. well done friend… u deserve it..

  3. Hi Jingle!

    I like the verses you wrote. Oodles of noodles / Goggle the giggles :)