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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Artist

Like powerful cameras,
Your eyes capture
Vivid images of the beauty
This world has to offer.

But it is your heart
That you use
To find your muse
As she comes along

Clad in striking simplicity
That you set her apart
From the rest, make her
Your own masterpiece.

You paint her dreams
With yours, with
Splashes of vibrant colors
On a huge blank canvas.

You sculpt her face
With your firm hands,
Cup her chin as you
Lovingly look in her eyes.

You sketch her smile
To lend permanence
To the joy in every
Fleeting moment.

You hold your masterpiece
Close to your heart,
Never wanting to be apart
From your one and only muse.

-Katherine Lopez
02 May 2011

*For my dearest


  1. How true -- creativity is a matter of the heart. Lovely tribute to the creative soul!

  2. true,
    lovely job.
    Happy Potluck.

  3. nice..

    been a while since a read a well-written poem while blog hopping.. keep it up..

  4. @Judith C Evans, Jingle, and pmm012: Thank you for your comments. :) Very much appreciated.