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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cheesy, but I like it

Let me share with you a beautiful photo I found in the Internet.

(Click here to see source)

I got it from Album de Fotos, which I think got it from another Tumblr account. I like the way the message, "You captured my heart", was delivered through the use of the camera and the heart. The faded look of the photo adds to its charm, and I like the photo so much that I made it desktop wallpaper in my office computer.

"You captured my heart." Has anyone said that to you? Or has someone made you feel that you captured his/her heart? It's probably one of life's beautiful miracles. You'll never know when and how you will capture someone's heart, and whose heart will it be. And in the same way, you'll never know who will capture yours, until you meet that one person whom you will choose to share your life with. And yes, it's called love.

Cheesy, isn't it? Cheesy but beautiful, and may we always believe in it. :)


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