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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Woman

Whose gentleness can calm
Even the fiercest of storms
And the most restless of souls.

Whose intellect can outwit
Even the most cunning of creatures
Who take advantage of her.

Whose strength can carry
A baby in her womb
And the world's weight on her shoulders.

Whose hands sew and mend
A child's dress, broken hearts,
And family ties taken for granted.

Whose resilience enables her
To stand tall and be proud
Of what she has gone through.

Whose brilliance inspires others
To seek their own brilliance
And start an empowering flame.

-Katherine Lopez
08 March 2011

*Written in celebration of International Women's Day. Happy Women's Day!


  1. women are resilient humans, they are special in many ways.

    beautiful imagery on them.
    well done.


  2. Sana merong like button dito. I like your poem ^____^

  3. @Jingle: Yes, that's why women are worth admiring. Thank you very much for your visit :)

    @Kraehe: I tried putting a like button, but I couldn't figure out how. :( Anyway, your comment shows how much you like it. Thank you so much! :D

  4. That is brilliant, Katherine! You have summed us up perfectly. Your words should be written on stone!
    Well done.

  5. well done and Happy day to YOU! and thanks for visitng my blog and leaving such nice comments

  6. Ooohh..awesome awesome awesome!
    A VERY happy women's day to you, K...
    This poem just couldn't have been any better!!

  7. Happy International Women's Day! This poem is perfect as celebration and contemplation.

  8. love it!
    a proof how fantastic women are -- you are :)

  9. you must be very proud of your own specie kat haha (jokin) thanks for dropping by..

  10. @Jessica: Written on stone --- wow! I feel so honored to hear that from a fellow poet like you. Thank you very much. :)

    @Kathe W: My pleasure. :) Thank you also for visiting mine.

    @Kavita: Thank you so much. I'm glad you're one of the people this poem has reached. :)

    @Lydia: Let's celebrate our being a woman! :) Thank you for dropping by.

    @bendedspoon: Thank you very much. :) Women's contributions to society deserve recognition. But I also believe that all of us - men or women - are fantastic in our own, unique way. :)

    @fiveloaf: Yes I am proud to be a woman! :) Happy Women's Day to all of us, men and women alike. All of us have special women in our lives. We wouldn't be here if not for one. :)

  11. got an award for you my friend..

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